Wenn die Maske Fällt, Sissi Trilogy

“When the Mask Falls” is a tribute to Empress Elisabeth of Austria, also known as Sissi or Sisi, and tells of the fateful years of an empress and a life behind the mask. December 24, 2012 marked the 175th anniversary of the birth of Empress Elisabeth, and this song and project were dedicated specifically to the occasion.

The original film music and title melodies from the Sissi trilogy with Romy Schneider – “Sissi” (1955), “Sissi the Young Empress” (1956) and “Schicksahlsjahre einer Kaiserin” (1957) – were reproduced for the first time and provided with lyrics. The wonderful title melodies, originally composed by Anton Profes, received a new arrangement and were given lyrics by Alessandro. The result is a song titled “When the Mask Falls,” which fuses the various melodies into a harmonious whole.

Alessandro has an exclusive contract with the originator in Vienna to re-score the music of the Sissi films composed by Anton Profes. This ensures that his interpretation remains faithful to the original music while giving it a fresh and contemporary sound.

This project is a loving tribute to Empress Elisabeth of Austria and the timeless beauty of the Sissi films. “When the Mask Falls” gives musical expression to the fascinating story of Sissi and her life behind the mask, honoring the legacy of this remarkable empress.

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„Wenn die Maske Fällt“. Romy Schneider brought the role as an actress in Sissi to highest perfection which gained her worldwide fame. This role simply made the Empress Sisi be called the queen of hearts, even so, Romy always was fighting against this image her whole life long. Not only that the incredibly successful trilogy brought Romy high popularity but also the image of the „sweet girl“, which she described herself „ like clue“ She always wanted to be recognized as a serious actress.

The true story of Empress Elisabeth is not really told through the films – they only present beauty, dignity and harmony. Let’s say; a fairy tale story. The real life of Sissi often held back behind media fantasies. Her true personality was drawn by anorexia and depression (manic-depressive); she was always on the run of herself, seemed to suffer of compulsions and was constantly on the search for inner peace. She was not a happy woman after all. You see everybody has to carry one’s own burdens. On this occasion, we also give thoughts to Romy Schneider, a fantastic actress who made the legend of Sissi to be alive forever. 1938-1982. The Year 2012, the Year of „Sisi“ and Romy.

German Poetry | internal Monologue and Song Lyrics. The idea, written, recited and sung by Alessandro Cipriano

Based on the life of Sissi. An autobiographical true story….being captured in the golden cage far away from home and the pursuit of happiness and freedom.

Sissi a woman who shows her true face, when the mask is dropped.

Furthermore to:

Anton Profes (Composer)

Ernst Marischka (Director)

Romy Schneider 1938-1982 (Actress, Sissi Trilogy)

May 29th, 2012. Remembering Romy, on the 30th anniversary of her death.

and the City of Vienna…

All the participants from the movies have made the Myth (Legend) „Sissi“ endless.

Alessandro Cipriano, Viennese Years 1994-2005, City of my Dreams.The Best Years in my Life. Thank you Vienna, you are my Inspiration.

Fateful Years of an Artist „Fight for your dream“ A life behind the Mask. Life for an artist can be a difficult one, especially if you are captured in a system where your talent is not appreciated at all. Destinies can be the same of people even lived in centuries apart.

„Sissi and Alessandro-showing one’s true face“ Inner Peace Through Poetry

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Text Wenn die Maske Fällt

Abends wenn das Licht ausgeht und der Mond hell am Firmamente steht, meine Gedanken hoffnungslos verblassen da sitz ich nun in der Stille, alleine und verlassen

Meinen Weg den wollte ich immer gehn, doch wer wird dies je verstehn. Mit der Feder zum Papier ich bringe, meine Sorgen meine Träume um die ich ringe

Abends wenn das Licht ausgeht und die Maske fällt, nur dann zeige ich mein wahres Gesicht. Nun schliesse ich gleich meine Augen zu und hoffe zu finden die ersehnte Ruh.

Musik wie ein Schleier mich im Traum umhüllt, welch Wonne welch Glück mein Herz erfüllt. Die Jahre ziehn in an mir vorbei, wohin die Reise mich auch führt, die Maske trage ich stets dabei.

Fern der Heimat ich nur leide
sag mir Schicksal sag mir leise
im goldnen Käfig bin gefangen
doch niemand fühlt mein Flehn, mein Bangen

Freiheitsliebe musst ich lassen
trag die Maske – traurig weine
doch wenn sie fällt für mich alleine
so spricht mein Herz nur für sich….

Trost in der liebe nie mehr finde
nie mehr finde!

Wenn die Maske fällt Oh! Heimat
trag im Herzen dich alleine
ein Leben das ich so nicht wollte
Ist es ein Traum?

Fern der Heimat Wonne-Glück
Mein Stern des Lebens kehrt nie zurück
Wenn die Maske fällt dann bin ich nur für mich allein

Fern der Heimat Glück ich mich sehne
Hoffnungs-Schimmer lebewohl mein Herz lebwohl