Im Zauber der Nacht

Im Zauber der Nacht (German Lyrics by Alessandro Cipriano, Music by Toby Chapman, London). Toby has worked for Major Labels and artists like: Tom Jones, Lionel Richie, Helene Fischer, Alfie Boe, Westlife, Il Divo, Kelly Clarkson, Kylie Minogue, Cher, Tina Turner, Rod Stewart, Mick Jagger and many others.

Im Zauber der Nacht, Riad Enija

Wenn die Maske Fällt

24.December 2019 marks the 182nd anniversary of birth of Empress Elisabeth of Austria, 7 years after the release of Alessandro’s Homage Song “Wenn die Maske Fällt

The song is available as MP3-downloadable after purchase and as a single digipak sent to you after purchase. You can get it also on all other digital music platforms such as iTunes, Amzon, Googlye Play etc.

"Wenn die Maske Fällt" (When the Mask Falls)Alessandro Ciprian

Schumann, Schubert, Mozart

Alessandro presents his new Concert Program including the Liederkreis (song cycle) op. 24 by Robert Schumann, Lieder (Songs) by Franz Schubert and W.A. Mozart 

Im Zauber der Nacht, Riad Enija

Wiener Bonbons

Alessandro spent 10 Years in Vienna where he lived and studied classical singing. Vienna has become his second home.

He will take you on a musical journey through the Vienna Culture (The City of Music). From classical to modern music, there is something for every taste on the stages of Vienna. In Vienna, music is in the air. The “Wiener Lied” is an old, powerful and very important song tradition. Alessandro is known to touch people’s hearts with his Viennese Songs and interpretation – so much so that he has brought his audience to tears on occasion. It happened again a short while ago at a Viennese Event. It was an incredible experience for him and the audience.

Alessandro Cipriano, Press Image, One More Try 2015

One More Try

We have all been there, had a bit of an upset with the love of our life, maybe even breaking up but don’t really want to. So many people will recognise the feeling and meaning in this beautiful romantic ballad. One More Try will reach out to so many people and so many people will want to cuddle up close and dance to it as the last dance of the evening in a club or party or wherever they may be. How many will give it One More Try? For those romantic souls out there, One More Try is now released through Dischromedia, the record label that Alessandro Cipriano recently signed with. He said of the song: “One More Try showcases the new direction I am taking to romantic and emotional interpretation of heartfelt repertoire.

Alessandro Cipriano, Press Image, One More Try 2015

Spiegel meiner Seele

Spiegel meiner Seele -Mirror of my Soul, Live from Graz @Stadthalle – in Austria

The Show was broadcast live on ORF, ARD and SRF, Austrian, German and Swiss TV. Together with the MDR TV Ballet… with a 7 million audience live and on TV. Available in all digital music shops.

Theme from the ballet swanlake by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky lyrics english and german by Alessandro Cipriano.

Alessandro Cipriano, Press Image, One More Try 2015
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