Visione, the seven secrets of my Soul

Alessandro Cipriano with his Debut CD “Visione” The Seven Secrets of my Soul

Il Tenore di Grazia the new Voice of Crossover Classic

The New Product, Alessandro Cipriano and Visione is an exceptional compilation of the most beautiful melodies and impressions from the Baroque, Classic till nowadays; an unique and colorful interpretation, which impresses trough the passion and charm of Alessandro. A feast for the eyes as well as the ears. With his music and his presents, Alessandro succeeds to show true emotions like love, pain, joy and melancholy as one can find in paintings or in poems. Fantasy has no limits. Visione tells an autobiographically true story of Alessandro, to whom music means his life and who fought a hard way for his dream. A singer who captures people’s hearts.

Visione takes you to another world, featuring seven beautiful songs in English, Italian French and Spanish. Songs like:

  1. You’ll never walk alone from Carousel, by Richards Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein
  2. Mirror of my Soul , Theme from Swan Lake Ballet, Lyrics written by Alessandro Cipriano
  3. Chanson de L’adieu by Franceso Paolo Tosti, with a touch of French Musette,
  4. Firenze Sogna, the Neapolitan Song and more…

produced by Avalon Music Production, conceived by Alessandro Cipriano and Wagner Managements International.

Visione, the Visions of a Singer who fought for his dream, the end product of a long journey. Now available on iTunes, Amazon and stores, check out now.

Alessandro Cipriano “My Visions” Baroque of the 21st Century

Italian passion and imperialistic style. The pearls and secrets of Baroque. Grace, beauty and elegance combined with a touch of old Hollywood. He sings and speaks in more than five languages and communicates through his heart and his eyes. With his crystal clear, light, lyrical voice and his charismatic presence he knows how to captivate his audience. You won’t be disappointed, your senses overwhelmed.

Visione”, the beauty and pearls of the Baroque Period, his favorite time in history. Unique and incomparable, today…. Alessandro Cipriano presents himself with an imperialistic style that is transferred into nowadays times. But one also finds elements of the period of Czars, Venetian and Viennese Baroque elements. Colorful costumes, accessories, a self created stage setting, a libretto for the Show „Visione“ lyrics for songs and a look what reminds on the 1920‘s and 1930‘s Hollywood shellac years. All this is Visione. A fascinating, heart- warming story of its own.

Visione is a well conceived concept from A to Z, unique on this market today. You might question yourself, why Baroque of the 21st Century? The history and development of the music of the time fascinated him since he was a small child and hasn’t let go since. In today’s minimalist times, he wants to revive the character of the baroque era and create a link to the new century.

He succeeds with aplomb in transposing the baroque style to the modern-day era and ensuring that the traditional element of this 1575 – 1770 epoch plays a major role in the presentation.”When I sing, I feel as though I am hovering, caught in a world of emotion between heaven and earth”, as he presents musical magic that is at once new and unique.