Alessandro’s Concert Program „Wiener Bonbons“. Vienna my Love! Wiener Lied & Operetta’s Most Beautiful Melodies. (Start October 2016)

Alessandro spent 10 Years in Vienna where he lived and studied classical singing. Vienna has become his second home.

He will take you on a musical journey through the Vienna Culture (The City of Music). From classical to modern music, there is something for every taste on the stages of Vienna. In Vienna, music is in the air. The „Wiener Lied“ is an old, powerful and very important song tradition. Alessandro is known to touch people’s hearts with his Viennese Songs and interpretation – so much so that he has brought his audience to tears on occasion. It happened again a short while ago at a Viennese Event. It was an incredible experience for him and the audience.

The Wienerlied (German, literally: Viennese song, pl. Wienerlieder) or Weanaliad  is a song genre which has its roots in Vienna. Traditional Viennese songs, known as Wienerlieder are centred on the theme of life in Vienna and are almost exclusively sung in Viennese dialect. The Wienerlied is a unique musical and socio-cultural phenomenon, a psychograph of the Viennese way of life; a mix between idealism, joie de vivre and desperation.

„Vienna and its Tradition“

“The Viennese Coffeehouse is like a second living room, combined with Music-life becomes magical.!

It is a place where all sorts of individuals meet to discuss their daily things, to reflect on their thoughts, to share their ideas, to compose masterpieces, to read or just to quietly sit and watch what’s going on. „I used to sit in coffeehouses for hours to study my repertoire and observe the people, guests and tourists“-says Alessandro.  It is an amazing institution full of history, emotions and life, where poetry comes to life. Around 4 o’clock in the afternoon for instance at the Cafe Central a pianist starts playing, singers are welcome to join. Music is everywhere in Vienna, that makes it so unique. „The Wiener Lied & Operetta means a lot to me, with my Teacher, Chamber Singer Ruthilde Boesch † in Vienna, I used to work on every single detail to make the interpretation perfect. The Viennese dialect can be very tricky, we had funny times during the classes.“

„Wiener Bonbons“ 

Alessandro will be accompanied by Piano or the Wiener Schmankerl Ensemble. Feel free to check out the program and download it if needed. The song „Wenn die Maske Fällt“ Lyrics written by Alessandro (2012) will be included. The original soundtrack from the Sissi Trilogy has been composed by Anton Profes. Alessandro received the Exclusive-Right to reproduce the soundtrack and create the Song Wenn die Maske Fällt! granted by the originator in Vienna. 

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The program will be shortened depending on the length of the concert.

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