1. Nancy Rexroad
    18th August 2016 @ 4:44 pm

    Dear Alessandro, I am excited about your new song “Im Zauber der Nacht. I am Looking forward to hearing this beautiful song. Alessandro is a multi-faceted & multi-talented Artist. Unique in every way. Glamourous style like in the 1920s -1930s. He is a first class act. Charming, Suave & Debonair. Alessandro has a golden voice. Touching the depths of your soul , with love, joy, passion ,tears and happiness.. His voice will bring out the gamut of emotions. His music reflects his beautiful soul. When Alessandro sings it is truly magical. Lifting your spirit. Touching you deep in your heart of hearts. Joy-Joy Unspeakable is what he gives his audience. Tears will fill your eyes . And fall down your face. This is what the Angelic & Majestic voice of Alessandro Cipriano will do.. He can sing any Genre – Opera to crossover. Italian Passion with Elegance. Charisma Personified. When Alessandro sings you will hear his heart of gold. See what his sparkling eyes are speaking. Heavenly !!! His voice is a piece of Heaven on earth . Dear Alessandro, You are my favorite Tenore. My favorite singer. Alessandro is thoughtful . He takes time for his Fans. Thank You Alessi for being the wonderful artist that you are !!! I hope you know one thing in your heart and soul You are appreciated & Loved. God Bless You Now and Always…

  2. Madlaine Trevor
    16th August 2016 @ 8:46 am

    Dear Alessandro this is so exciting we want to hear your golden voice, may god bless you and your talent! Love from Giorgia

  3. Nora Lendersmith
    2nd August 2016 @ 9:47 pm

    Wir sind sehr gespannt auf Ihr neues Lied. Ihre Text haben Seele und sprechen aus Ihrem Herzen, dazu Ihre goldene, gefühlvolle Stimme. Wann singen Sie in Berlin? Alles Gute..